The variety of buildings realized by our office PSP Architects Engineers for more than four decades inland and abroad, ranges from office and commercial buildings to industrial buildings, as well as hotel complexes, zoos, schools and swimming pools.
The variety of our services is just as wide-ranging as the projects´ spectrum. Thus, our services cover all phases of HOAI, from the basic analysis through planning of building concepts to furniture detailing, site management and property supervision, from urban design to project development.
We are in contact with the relevant authorities and keep the coordination of all involved in construction. The main focus for us thereby is, the close partnership consultancy and co-operation with the client.
The basis for a successful work in our view, is not only the creativity, reliability and teamwork, but above all quality management of costs and time schedules.


The Executive Board

Michael Krämer

Birth year 1944
Architectural Education at TU Braunschweig
Participant in PSP Office
Partner in PSP Office since 1978


Jörg Huhnholz

Birth year 1956
Architectural Education at TU Hannover
Participant in Wilke Office, Hannover
Clerkship at Schleswig-Holstein Urban Planning and Construction Department
Participant in PSP Office
Partner in PSP Office since 1995


Christoph Bösch

Birth year 1968
Architectural Education at FH Hamburg
Participant in PSP Office
Partner in PSP Office since 2005