Architects and Engineers PSP is one of the major architectural firms in Germany and for more than 30 years, with offices in Berlin, Braunschweig and Hamburg at home – and abroad. Succeeding in the new generation of

Pysall – Stahrenberg & Partner

the office is now run by Michael Chandler in Hamburg and Martin Weltner in Berlin and other partners.

Our attitude to the architecture can be read at the numerous buildings and competition successes of the office. We are committed in particular to addressing the functional user requirements in respect of the history, the insertion in the urban situation. It seems to us to develop tailor it to individual solutions for different tasks at the respective locations. This resource-saving and healthy building is an integral part of our planning process.

Architecture is the disciplined partnership with the client, as well as the coordination of all planners and builders for us on the creativity out. This goal we define as architecture of lasting success that is achieved based on a high-quality cost and schedule management.

A substantial portion of our construction project is a result of gained architectural competitions.
More than 70 first prizes and more than 200 subordinated prices and purchases prove it.
The processing of competitions as part of our acquisition is also a constant challenge and addressing the structural, technological and ecological developments.
But smaller and smaller projects, there were new buildings, conversions, renovations of existing or listed buildings, are an integral part of our task spectrum.
Our work encompasses office and administration buildings, schools, sports and cultural buildings, buildings for research and teaching, banking, commercial, and industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, senior housing, residential and traffic construction.