Training Centre

PSP was awarded the contract on the basis of a won VOF procedure. The centre is located in the heart of the base. Special uses such as the auditorium with ascending seating and the radar tower characterise the appearance of the building. The prelude from the parking lot is the 16m high tower. A closed wall panel leads to the main entrance, behind which the lecture hall rises up and bulges out the building. The building is kept compact, due to its use there are many closed facade areas. Alternating with all-glass facades, a strictly structured building structure is created. The solid construction is expressed in a colourful mixture of typical local facing bricks.

Training Centre Bundeswehr




Federal Republic of Germany


4.500 m²



Constrictions at the ends of the corridors structure the flat building structure and provide natural lighting at the end points of the corridors.skylights supply these with daylight and strengthen the quality of stay.light metal reveals and horizontal sun protection lamellas contrast with the dark clinker brick.a corridor covered with industrial glass connects to the existing building.

Picture Credits: Foto-Design Klaus Schreiber, Wilhelmshaven

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