ZAL TechCenter

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In the direct vicinity of the Airbus factory site, the city erected the new TechCenter on the Steendiekkanal. The tenant is the Center for Applied Aviation Research.

PSP developed the architecture in a competition in 2011. The five-storey building has dimensions of approx. 100 x 100 m. The escape routes are led via external balconies.

On more than 25.000 m² of floor space, ZAL offers room for approx. 600 workplaces. In the middle part of the building is the main entrance with exhibition area, auditorium and attached canteen with a view over the canal.

ZAL Tech Centre


Hein-Saß-Weg, Hamburg-Finkenwerder / Germany


FAP First Aviation Property Development /

ReGe Hamburg Projekt-Realisierungsgesellschaft mbH


28.000 m²    



Above the main entrance, three floors are suspended from the main supporting structure.

The shape is reminiscent of an airplane fuselage, this is where the administration is located. From here, the view extends into the surroundings and onto the parking lot in front of the building, which is like a runway.

The two wing buildings house laboratories, workshops and large production halls in which entire aircraft parts can be examined for researchand testing purposes. The halls have a span of 30m and are supplied with daylight via generous clear glass facades. Here, experiments and research on aircraftparts are carried out. The laboratories located in the halls are accessed via open corridors, thus providing a quick exchange between desk work and object work.


Picture Credits: Klemens Ortmeyer, Hanover

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