Airbus A380 Paint Shop

The shape of the building with the geometry adapted to two aircraft was created by an optimization process between user requirements for the painting process, the technical possibilities of the working platforms and the expected costs for construction and operation of the painting hall. The distribution of usable space is characterised by the actual painting area, which takes up about 80 percent of the floor space.  On the ground floor there are two places for final painting of the A380.

On teleplatforms, workers move around the aircraft; an air extraction system embedded in the floor ensures good working conditions. In addition to the shape of the building and the shimmering façade made of metal sandwich panels, the exhaust air towers of this extraction system characterize the appearance of the building structure.

Airbus A380 PaintShop


Airbus Factory Premises, Hamburg-Finkenwerder / Germany


Airbus Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg / Germany


42.200 m²



The load-bearing structure of the building was developed from the requirements of a column-free hall area, the integration of a shed into the roof structure and the possibility of a complete opening of the east side of the façade by means of sliding gates for the entry and exit of aircraft. The roof structure of the entire hall was planned as a steel construction without fire protection requirements.  The main supporting structure lies outside the enclosed space: 10-metre high truss girders span the entire building. The hall floor, the basement levels of the ventilation centres, the rainwater basin and the ventilation ducts were deep-founded on reinforced concrete piles. Since the structural elements under the hall floor are immersed in the ground water, they are made of waterproof concrete.

Picture Credits: Oliver Heissner, Hamburg

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