Airbus A380 Spares Centre

The building is used for the rapid supply of spare parts for Airbus aircraft, especially the A380 in the Arab/Asian region. All required spare parts from special screws to the vertical tail can be found here. The spare parts warehouse is divided into two areas.  On the one hand the large block and pallet warehouse for large components and on the other hand the small parts warehouse. Two office floors are located above the three-storey small parts warehouse, which is partly located in the basement. Furthermore, the parking spaces for office staff and technical areas, such as the sprinkler tank, are located in the basement. The functions can be read off the façade.

Airbus A380 Spares Centre


Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates


Airbus Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg / Germany


7.000 m²



The administration wing is built in a massive construction method and receives a glass facade in the upper two floors as an aluminium mullion and transom construction. The ground floor area behind which the spare parts store is hidden is covered with horizontal metal lamellas. The warehouse is built in steel construction and clad with large metal panels. Three window bands ensure a good supply of daylight in the warehouse.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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