Grosser Burstah

Between the Alster and the Elbe, directly behind the town hall and the chamber of commerce, the new commercial building in the Großer Burstah is being built with Hanseatic charm. The property is in an excellent location in the centre of Hamburg. At the front of the building runs the street Großer Burstah, at the rear the building borders directly on Mönkedammfleet. The new development is an eight-storey commercial building with a basement. The ground floor area is mainly intended for retail use, while office space is planned on the standard and staggered floors. The retail spaces on the ground floor have floor-to-ceiling window fronts that extend forward to the busy street. To the rear the visitor has a hanseatic view of the Fleet.  High window fronts and light-flooded rooms also characterise the seven office floors of the new commercial building. The layout and equipment of the areas allow the user a variety of individual design options.  The top floor offers an impressive view of the historic Speicherstadt and the Elbe River. This can be enjoyed particularly well from the long panorama balcony. The bright natural stone façade blends elegantly into the surroundings.

Office Großer Burstah


Großer Burstah, Hamburg / Germany


BIG BAU Unternehmensgruppe, Kronshagen / Germany


4.700  m²



In discreet bifurcation, it takes up both the lines of the historic Kontorhäuser and typical design elements of the surrounding modern commercial buildings. This creates a direct link between past and present - a charming contrast that characterises the cityscape in Hamburg's origins. At the rear, towards the Fleet, a classic brick façade was chosen, following the example of the Kontorhäuser. The long and thin formats of the selected bricks, in combination with the straight and projecting window openings, form a contemporary interpretation of the Kontorhäuser.

Picture Credits: Julian Schülke, PSP Architekten Ingenieure, Hamburg

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