Vienna New Campus

The general pedagogical areas used by all are located in a roadside development. Between the individual buildings of this development there are small places to linger which allow for entertaining views of the events on the educational campus. The perimeter development thus forms a quiet, protected green area, which encloses the three multi-storey structures of the educational areas ("Biber").
The central space of the education campus is the openly designed communication zone, which runs centrally across the campus from north to south and connects all uses. At both ends of the zone there are inviting squares that also mark the main entrances. The roof of the communication zone is accessible from inside and outside and extends the existing open space. Essential elements of the campus are the "Biber" (educational area), which are housed in the three- to five-storey buildings. Accompanying the façade, the respective educational rooms are arranged like clamps.They enclose the central multifunctional area, which leads to a translucent facade with a balcony in front.

Picture Credits: PSP Architekten Ingenieure, Hamburg

Vienna New Campus


Vienna / Austria


City of Vienna


24.500 m²


Competition 2016

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