BMW Hamburg Branch

This new branch of the Hamburg office mainly sells new cars, spare parts and accessories. The curved course of the facade reinforces the dynamic claim of the car brand. The two-storey post-and-beam construction provides a view of the entire space of the exhibition hall and functions as a large display window.  At the same time, the night-time effect of the large glass surfaces with the illuminated vehicles lends the intersection a unique character. In the exhibition hall, new cars are presented on two levels, which are connected by a glass staircase and an open car lift. On the ground floor are the reception, the customer reception, the parts sales, the waiting area for the delivery of the new cars as well as some offices and adjoining rooms. Additional office space is located on the upper floor.

BMW Hamburg Branch


Osdorfer Landstraße, Hamburg / Germany


TACET Grundstücksvermietungsgesellschaft mbH, Düsseldorf / Germany


7.800 m²



In addition to twelve workshop workplaces with lifting platforms, the adjacent building section includes the parts warehouse, mechanical repair, the plumbing shop, ancillary rooms and, on the upper floor, further offices that extend beyond the parking spaces of the customer area.  There are parking spaces in the entire basement, and to the east of the building there is an additional parking area with five levels. The building was constructed as a mixed construction of steel and reinforced concrete. 60 percent of the reinforced concrete components were delivered to the construction site as semi-finished parts. In addition to the post and beam construction of the curved exhibition façade, the remaining façade area was fitted with a metal shaft or smooth sheet metal. From the point of view of sustainability, a water recycling plant was installed and the natural ventilation of the rooms was made possible.

Picture Credits: Julian Schülke, PSP Architekten Ingenieure, Hamburg

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