Darwineum Zoological Park

The new building of the Darwineum in the Rostock Zoo invites the visitor to a journey through time and evolution. This journey through time already begins shortly before the main entrance with a symbolic big bang. The forecourt of the building resembles a walk-in lava landscape that symbolizes the creation of matter, space and time. Along a path, inspired by the shape of a DNA double helix, the visitor is guided along the evolution path to the exhibition areas. In the second area, the world of the great apes opens up to him: paths, footbridges and bridges lead to the Tropical Hall, where the orangutans are housed. Since this species lives on trees, unlike the gorillas, the viewing angles and levels for the visitor were also adjusted to this higher position of the tree dwellers - ape and man at eye level. The visitors' walkway to the gorillas' indoor enclosure, on the other hand, is at ground level and partially lowered so that these animals can be observed at ground level. The tropical hall is spanned by a foil roof, which is divided into individual sails. These sails covered with ETFE foil are interlaced with each other and symbolize the leaf canopy of the jungle.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

DARWINEUM Zoological Park


Rostock / Germany


Zoologischer Garten Rostock GmbH


10.000 m²


Competition 2009

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