Multifunctional Sports Hall

The extension to the existing grammar school is intended to counteract the spatial undersupply that has persisted for years at the Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium in Hamburg-Poppenbüttel. The extension can be connected to the existing sports hall to form a 2-field sports hall and is also planned with all-day areas and classrooms with differentiating areas. This makes the building multifunctional and can also be used as an assembly hall with stage and backstage. There are two entrances from the northwest main entrance, which can be divided for independent use by the school and external sports clubs. The main entrance leads directly to the foyer, which acts as an internal distributor to the classrooms, the all-day room, the stage and the school sports.

At the same time, the foyer takes on the function of an upstream stay in the context of school events such as the awarding of certificates and theatre performances, which are to take place in the multifunctional sports hall. The foyer is planned with a large skylight that provides the room with daylight and, in addition to its function as an upstream lounge, also offers space as a break area for the students. Beyond the spatial extension, the access to the school grounds from Poppenbütteler Berg is to be upgraded. The extension with classrooms and all-day rooms located to the north creates an address that enhances this access to the main school campus on Harksheider Strasse.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

Heinrich-Heine Grammar School


Harksheider Strasse, Hamburg / Germany


SBH Schulbau Hamburg


1.200 m²



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