Garz & Fricke

Productive Basis

The new headquarters of the Hamburg-based company Garz & Fricke, specialist for embedded systems, is divided into two functional areas: a workshop with assembly and laboratory workstations and logistics areas and an administration building with three floors for office and laboratory use. A mezzanine floor with an open gallery facing the hall is inserted under the administration building and provides space for changing rooms and offices close to production.

Garz & Fricke Headquarters


Schlachthofstrasse, Hamburg-Harburg / Germany


Garz & Fricke Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Hamburg / Germany


8.800 m²    



The office and laboratory areas are created both as self-contained offices with a central corridor and through open-plan zones. The central zones are planned with open café bars and associated meeting points, meeting islands and areas for special use and storage.

Picture Credits: PSP Architekten Ingenieure, Hamburg

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