HELA Technical Centre

Representative Round

The Hermann Laue GmbH needed a new pilot plant (experimental kitchen) on its premises in Ahrensburg.

The building is a representative structure for the development and presentation of new products. It was erected in a central location on the site next to the canteen. It is accessed via a visitor entrance in the area of the factory entrance. The gatekeeper's area is integrated into the building at the access road. At the rear of the building there are entrances for delivery traffic and employees.

The heart of the new building is the presentation area with a large experimental kitchen and an auditorium. A flexible partition wall allows individual use of the space. A designed inner courtyard brings daylight into the building and offers employees an outdoor lounge area.

In the experiment and development area, spice mixtures are created and new products are developed in discussions with customers. There is another experimental kitchen and office space.

In the functional area, food and spices are stored and processed in very small quantities. These rooms and the foyer receive additional daylight via an incised inner courtyard.

The building is designed as a single-storey solid structure. The double-skin façade structure is given a red facing brick adapted to the existing building. Well-considered arranged aluminium windows provide the interior with daylight.

The function of the building can be read from outside. The round presentation area arches outwards. The representative character of the building is strengthened by the precise detailing.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

HELA Technical Centre


Beimoorweg, Ahrensburg / Germany


HELA Gewürzwerk Hermann Laue GmbH, Ahrensburg


650 m²



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