With more than 800 events per year, the Holstenhallen in Neumünster are the largest event venue in Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to international riding tournaments and Holsteiner and Trakehner stallion markets, the Nordbau, the second largest construction trade fair, is the figurehead for this venue. In order to strengthen the competitiveness and improve the trade fair offerings, the Holstenhallen decided in 2009 to expand the location and to modernize and extend the existing halls.

The newly built Foyer East connects Halls 2, 3 and 4 and also forms the main entrance. A second building complex was constructed for the technical centres and workshops. Extensive modernisation measures were also carried out.

Holstenhallen Neumünster


Justus-von-Liebig-Strasse, Neumünster / Germany


Holstenhallen Neumünster GmbH


9.100 m²



For example, the roof of Hall 1 was subsequently insulated, the characteristic skylight strips were completely renewed and equipped with an electrically controlled darkening system. In addition to a temperature-controlled concrete floor, a new ventilation system was installed to improve the indoor climate. The sanitary areas in the North Foyer and at the transition to Hall 2 were completely renewed and extended. The old grandstand was replaced by a new grandstand system that can be moved with electrical support. The modernisation measures in the area of Hall 1 required particularly careful handling of the building structure, as it is a listed building.

The newly created Foyer East forms the new heart of the ensemble. It connects the hall complexes and ensures short distances here. It also serves as a meeting point and can be used as an additional event area. The installation of the gallery in Foyer East extends the gallery across five glass bridges on the first floor of Hall 1. A skylight strip separates the old from the new building and supplies the foyer with daylight.

Picture Credits: Thomas Nutt, Hamburg

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