Informatics Centre

The property is located in the north of the city and closes off the university campus. In the extension to a high-rise building, the urbanistically striking corner is closed with the new building. The high-rise building was also built by PSP in the 1970s after winning a competition. It forms the first construction phase of three planned buildings. The compact structure extends over six storeys, with the offices designed as a single unit and enclosing an internal, roofed atrium.

Workshops and laboratories are located on the lower floors, offices are located on the upper floors.

Informatics Centre TU Braunschweig


Mühelnpfordtstrasse, Braunschweig / Germany


Staatliches Baumanagement Braunschweig


11.000 m²



The facade is clearly structured. An aluminium mullion and transom construction accommodates the windows, which are designed as a band. Balustrades and lintels are covered with tinted glass. Sun and glare protection is provided by external awnings. The top floor stands out from the building, it is designed as a staggered structure. It is completely glazed and has projecting horizontal lamellas as sun protection. The energy consumption of the entire building is optimised. The atrium makes a major contribution to this.

In winter it functions as a heat buffer, the adjacent offices are heated via the atrium. In summer, the atrium serves the natural exchange of air. The use of electrochromic glazing for sun protection is being tested in part of the west façade. In addition, the lighting of the workplaces is controlled via the building automation system depending on the daylight. The IT centre checks these measures for energy optimisation in a monitoring process and refines them by evaluating the measurement results obtained.

Picture Credits: TU Braunschweig / Klemens Ortmeyer, Hannover

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