LBS Headquaters

The client wanted an innovative, future-oriented new office building in line with the EXPO motto "Man, Nature, Technology" in 2000.

Four identical four-storey buildings with 500 office workplaces are arranged under a continuous 175 x 40 metre glass roof and separated from the main road by an equally long, 18 metre high glass wall.

LBS Headquaters


Kattenbrookstrift, Hannover / Germany


LBS Norddt. Landesbausparkasse Berlin-Hannover


27.000 m²



The head building is a narrower house with the special functions of board of directors, conference, visitor advisory service and bistro.

The green courtyards between the houses are landscaped with different themes. They are unheated, but even in winter they do not get colder than approx. 10 °C. This heat buffer means that all offices can do without heating.

Picture Credits: Klemens Ortmeyer, Hanover

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