LILLY Research

As the result of an investor competition, the research and laboratory building of Lilly Forschung GmbH was constructed on the premises of IVG Immobilien GmbH in Hamburg-Langenhorn. The building is used for research and development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Two thirds of the floor space consists of laboratories in corresponding clean room classes. These uses will be accommodated in a four-storey building. It consists of two parallel beams, which are connected at their ends by coupling structures.

The inner courtyard is vaulted with a glass roof. The courtyard supports the natural ventilation and serves as additional usable space for various activities. For the natural lighting of some rooms in the basement, the courtyard is lowered in parts. The lower level is designed with white gravel and Mediterranean plants. In a step between the two levels there is a water basin, which visually connects the parallel building blocks. A footbridge spans the depression and the water basin, it leads from the reception hall to the terrace of the canteen. The construction of the building was carried out in prefabricated reinforced concrete; thus the given very short construction time could be kept.

Lilly Research & Laboratory


Essener Bogen, Hamburg / Germany


IVG Immobilien AG, Hamburg


15.000 m²


1999 (Reconstruction 2014, for evotec)

While the exterior facades consist mainly of light metal cassettes with window bands or mullion and transom facade elements, the facades facing the hall were designed throughout with the material glass in its most diverse application possibilities.

The colourfulness of the building with its metallic-glass character underlines the high-tech claim of the interior use. The red cube above the entrance hall, which houses the conference centre, is a striking feature here.

Photo Credits: Dirk Robbers, Hamburg

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