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The new building is part of an inner-city complex, which was already constructed by PSP in Wedel in 1999 (main building) and 2002/2003 (extension buildings 2.BA/3.BA) as a research and laboratory building. The solitary building at Rosengarten 25 is used by the pharmaceutical company medac (Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH) as an administration building and is within walking distance from the main building on Theaterstraße. Consisting of four above-ground and one underground floor, the building has overall dimensions of approximately 50 x 18 metres. The basement is used as a two-storey underground car park with the help of parking pallets. By staggering and cantilevering the upper floor beams, the building is given a characteristic cubature. On the long sides, the second and third upper floors are staggered back in such a way that accessible roof terraces are created. At the southern and northern gables, the uppermost storey blocks cantilever far out, and the building is framed by a pergola-shaped frame construction as a structural element.

medac Offices


Rosengarten, Wedel near Hamburg / Germany


medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH, Wedel


4.000 m²



The office space is largely defined as two or three axis rooms. The office units are largely individual offices. A room-high glass partition wall system was used to structure the individual areas. In addition, filing cabinet elements integrated in the middle of the glass office partition serve as a spatial separation. Due to the staggered building cubature, the offices on the two uppermost floors have direct access to the outside terrace on all long sides. The largest meeting room in the building is located on the top third floor. Positioned in the approx. 6-metre projecting part of the building on the south side, this room floats above the main entrance and the entire street space, thus providing interesting views over the city to the Elbe. A square recess (approx. 70 x 70 cm) was inserted in the floor of the projecting floor slab in each of the two corners of the room.  Through a double glass pane, the observer is offered a vertical view which reaches 10 metres down to the forecourt of the building. The facade of the reinforced concrete skeleton construction corresponds to the post and beam construction of the headquarters on Wedeler Theaterstraße. Standing formats alternate as closed, partly glazed and blue-coloured elements in irregular sequence.

Picture Credits: Achim van Gerven, Hamburg

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