medac Logistics Centre

Light logistics

The head building is the calling card of the research and logistics centre in Tornesch near Hamburg. This is where the main delivery and administration area is located.

A lot of glass inside supports the transparent communication of the employees. Special attention was also paid to the design of the side rooms. Thus the corridors are communication centres, entrance areas become meeting points, the wood-aluminium windows create a friendly working atmosphere, sun protection also serves as daylight projection. Thanks to the free structural design, a flexible use of the areas is made possible. The hall areas of the logistics area are located next to the head building. Here you will find an automated small parts warehouse, a high-bay warehouse and a coldstorage room.

The building ends with the order picking area, where different articles are manually assembled according to the respective order. In this work area too, advanced equipment is intended to ensure that all work steps are carried out quickly and effectively. This is achieved by, among other things, transparent views, the highest possible proportion of glare-free outside light through large-format skylights and the alignment of the window areas to the north.

medac Logistics Centre


Businesspark Tornesch, Tornesch / Germany


medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH, Wedel / Germany


15.700‬ m²


2010 (Extension 2014)

Four years after completion of the logistics centre, it was extended by a high-bay warehouse. The fully automated and unmanned warehouse is built in silo design. This means that the rack construction simultaneously forms the supporting and stiffening structure. The inner atmosphere of the storage room is inerted with nitrogen.

The warehouse is protected from fire by this reduction of the atmospheric oxygen content. The parapet and the outer walls of the TGA-rooms will be covered with an architectural concrete cladding according to the design of the existing building.

This takes up the design elements such as slopes, dark bands and the horizontal division of the facade of the logistics building. In this way, the identity of both parts of the building is united by their corporate design.

Picture credits: Burkhard Katz, Hamburg; Julian Schülke, PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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