METRO Show Room

The Show Room project for Moscow was developed in order to present to the general public the forthcoming modern train lines.

Our Idea when developing the base concept was to incorporate the company´s logo into the production of the main formal elements and spatial definitions. Therefore, the circular red elements of the subways logo appear spatially under led illuminated circles which enclose an inner area of project presentation.

The project is defined by 3 main spatial areas. A first foyer where one receives general information about the new lines; a second moment defined by the contact with the LED illuminated circle wall, where digital info is also to be displayed; and a third inner area defined by tunnels which are outlined by the 2 first to be built train lines.

This project relies on the use of digital displays, light and colour to portray an ever changing spatial experience.

Picture Credits: PSP Engineers Architects, Hamburg

METRO Show Room, Moskow


Moscow / Russia


Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, Moscow


660 m²



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