Teaching Building

Homogeneous Unit

In terms of urban development, the teaching hall building is located on a central development axis with other buildings of the base.

21 training rooms are distributed over three floors. Next to the entrance is the lecture hall with ascending seating. Ancillary areas, administration and a specialist library with a magazine complete the ground floor.

The building is a timber-frame construction. The lecture hall slides outwards and accentuates the central entrance. Opposite it is the entrance to the library.

Teaching Hall Building




Federal Republic of Germany


5.100 m² BGF



The colourful faced brickwork is interrupted in the centre around the lecture hall and in the entrance area by metal panels and glass elements. The lecture hall will be clad in metal shingles; this impression is carried through into the interior and gives the hall the appearance of an independent building.

Niches in front of the training rooms, which are grouped into groups of four, structure the 50 m long corridors. A continuous colour concept with the themes of land, sand, grass and a few repetitive materials connect the building to a homogeneous unit.

Photo Credit: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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