Neuer Mohnhof

The "penndorf" department store built in the 70s stood empty and was to be revived. It forms the end of the Sachsentor pedestrian zone in Bergedorf and is located at a central traffic junction. PSP renovated the building and converted it in parts. The first two floors are now used again as sales areas, but on a much smaller scale.

A medical practice floor with six different units is located on the second floor, with the small-scale structures being illuminated through three incised inner courtyards.

A kindergarten on the top floor forms the conclusion. One third of this floor is not built on and is used as an outdoor playground.

Neuer Mohnhof Business and Service Centre


Sachsentor, Hamburg-Bergedorf / Germany


IPB Projektgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Hamburg


12.600 m²



The cubature of the entire complex has been retained and the architectural elements such as oriels and cantilevered components have been integrated into the new concept, with newly cut windows providing sufficient light for the practice, office and daycare areas. An attached ventilation centre refers to the roofs of the surrounding buildings. A combination of white plaster surfaces, the existing red clinker brick and a curtain-type light metal façade made of anodised aluminium divide the building complex.

Picture Credits: Burkhard Katz, Hamburg

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