Neumünster Family Centre

The aim of the competition is to design a building that can be used flexibly and is closely linked to the neighbourhood. The design connects the four self-sufficiently functioning uses by a central meeting area, which serves not only as a central development of the respective uses but also as a space for getting to know each other and for mutual exchange.

Neumünster Family Centre


Neumünster / Germany


City of Neumünster


1.600 m²


Competition 2015

The generously designed area is naturally lit from all sides by an inner courtyard and thus offers space for joint celebrations, exhibitions and demonstrations. The exterior space is extended by a walkable roof area in the sense of an optimal use of space. This creates a non-public outdoor space with simplified supervision possibilities, which also promotes contact between the various users outside the building.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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