Town Hall Bordesholm

The town hall is the centre of the "Ortszentrum Mühlenhof" redevelopment area, in the context of which existing infrastructure such as the railway station has already been redeveloped. The municipality of Bordesholm required a new administration building with special uses on a net floor area of 2,056 m². The town hall is accessed from the south via the newly designed town hall square. Parking spaces are located to the north of the building. The task was to design a self-contained usage unit for the administration of the city hall. This was to be structurally combined in a complete complex with supplementary uses. The result was a four-storey block structure, which is completed by a two-storey angled part of the building enclosing the town hall square. The main entrance is located at the interface of the two building volumes. This is where the reception hall is located, through which the main entrance is accessed. As a supplementary use, the registry office is located on the 1st floor of the main block. Visitors can reach it via an outside staircase located at the arcades or via the elevator. Thus it can be used independently of the administrative area. On the ground floor there are other public areas such as social office, office for citizen services and cash desk as well as information, visitor and disabled WC. The conference room is located on the upper floor of the angled building. It is supplied with daylight via a large roof dome.

Bordesholm Town Hall


Mühlenstrasse, Bordesholm / Deutschland


City of Bordesholm / BIG-Städtebau, Kronshagen


4.000 m²



The façade is constructed as a double-shell masonry with a red-brick facing brick. The facing brickwork ends at the parapet of the 3rd floor, and the support areas between the windows are clad with thermally insulated aluminium panels in the same colour as the windows. Thus this area acts as a horizontal band and forms a clear separation to the roof. To provide shade for the south façade, the roof protrudes by almost three metres. As a light-coloured concrete pane it seems to hover above the building. The south-western corner of the building houses rooms with special uses and is designed differently in the façade. On the ground floor there is a passageway, the floors above receive a continuous all-glass system facade.

Picture Credits: Birgit Schewe, Kiel

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