Town Hall Buxtehude

Union in the Ellipse

For a long time, the different departments of the Buxtehude city administration were spread out over the city in different buildings. In order to concentrate the administration in one place and create a representative building with a citizen-friendly concept for the citizens' office, the decision was made to construct a new building at a central location in the city. The new administrative headquarters of the city of Buxtehude is being built on the inner-city site at the corner of Bahnhofstrasse and Poststrasse. The location is characterised by the shopping and commercial street Bahnhofstraße on one side and the course of the river Este on the other.
A four-storey, elliptical structure projecting into the crossing area marks the entrance area and forms the joint between the clinkered office block on Poststraße and the old building from the turn of the century on Bahnhofstraße, which is integrated into the building ensemble. The various departments of the Buxtehude city administration are organised in the office block and the old building.

Buxtehude Town Hall


Bahnhofstrasse, Buxtehude / Germany


City of Buxtehude


7.000 m²



The elliptical structure is set apart from the rest of the building by the air space of the three-storey entrance foyer and provides space for special public functions such as the citizens' office, the mayor's office and a large meeting room on the third floor. The ellipse is also displayed as a special body in the façade.
With its full-surface glazing, it opens up to the corner of Poststraße/Bahnhofstraße, while the listed plastered perforated façade of the old building with its stucco elements appears closed and the clinker brick façade of the office block with its wooden window bands also reflects the clearly structured office layout inside the building.

Picture Credits: Burkhard Katz, Hamburg

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