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The building fits into the existing structure of the perimeter block development, but becomes an urbanistic symbol through its consistently classical building aesthetics. Typologically, the building does not tie in with the archetype of the rational administration building, but is understood in the tradition of the Kontorhaus. Therefore functionality, simplicity and strictness determine the ensemble. A clear volumetry anchors the new building in an aesthetically heterogeneous environment. It serves as an interface for the development of the building. The two light-flooded air spaces, as communication areas, connect the inner courtyards and the floors. The "Command Bridge" lies as an independent, shiny metallic body on the stone cubature. All-glass facades create visual connections between the Alster and St. Georg. The facades are developed from the same principles of simplicity and movement as the buildings themselves. The alternation of grey or white stone surfaces and generous glazing lends the clear building cubes a restrained elegance.

Ahrenkiel Shipping


An der Alster, Hamburg / Germany


Reederei  Christian F. Ahrenkiel GmbH & Co. KG


5.000 m²



The deeply cut windows and the transition to the large glazings give the façade an interesting plasticity and liveliness. Small architectural changes to the floor-to-ceiling windows not only improve the lighting, but also find a modern, contemporary form for a traditional element of architecture. Perfect details stand not least for solidity and lasting value. The workplaces are distributed in single, double, quadruple and open-plan offices, which can be freely modified as required in accordance with the façade grid.the "special places" are decisive for the quality of the interior spaces: communicative and semi-public areas such as terraces, lounge, conservatory, meeting points and atriums. As "sunspots" they provide a unique atmosphere in the building. Meeting rooms and offices are designed to be transparent towards the corridor zones. This results in a variety of views and insights.

Picture Credits: Klaus Frahm, Hamburg

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