Reinbek Fire Station

The key to creating the "fire brigade-we-feeling" seems to lie in linking the different functional areas. It is important to achieve synergies by overlapping functional processes, such as deployment, debriefings, material maintenance, public events and training, delivery and recreation. These serve as the basis for welding together a colourful troop like the Reinbek Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Reinbek Fire Station


Reinbek / Germany


City of Reinbek


3.000 m²


Competition 2015

The floor plan therefore pursues the goal of meeting the future increasing functional requirements of the volunteer fire brigade through high flexibility. The building can grow with the tasks of everyday life and offers space for transformation and appropriation. The result is a living fire station that seems to teem with life in its everyday existence due to its numerous dynamics, with a classic and compact architecture providing the framework that expresses the calm and sovereignty of the fire department. Ultimately, it is the interplay of both controversies that makes the fascination of "firefighting" tangible.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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