Rescue Practice Hall

The rescue practice hall is used by marines for education and training. Here, operations on the high seas are practised. For this purpose, waves up to 1 m high can be created with a wave ball, there is a ship's side and a tower for attaching a rescue chute. A sports pool measuring 25 m x 12.5 m with a jumping area is available. Attached is a room for the storage of the life raft. A crane track is mounted on the ceiling for the transport of the island and the ball of waves. Adjoining utility areas complete the ground floor. The entire swimming pool and building services are located in the basement. On the upper floor there are changing rooms, showers and a spectator gallery. The planning contract was based on a VOF procedure. PSP developed a functional structure in a strict cubature.

Rescue Practice Hall




Federal Republic of Germany


2.700 m²



Closed surfaces of colourful facing brickwork alternate with anodised metal panels and glazed openings. A clinker play above the main entrance in the form of a wave indicates the use of the building. The entrance area is accentuated by the cantilevered upper floor. The storage area and ancillary areas are pushed out from under the massive structure at the main entrance. Skylight strips supply the hall with daylight. The northern facade is equipped with a window band for lighting and thus allows for an outdoor reference during training.

Picture Credits: Julian Schülke, PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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