Silent Cabins

The Silent Watchers

The silent watchers are vulpine architectural meditation andsleeping pods which form derives directly from the Red Fox (vulpes vulpes), which belongs to the LatvianFauna.

Our aim wasto create an object which could strongly and coherently relate to the existingFlora and thus decided to emphasize the poetic meaning of these creatures bydepicting them as the Silent Guardians of the forest that stand in a flauntedvertical position of observation.

The form,although brought into quite abstract contours, elevates the meditation areahigh above the forest´s floor elating the visitor aloof straight into abeyantcontemplation of the canopy area. The pod, which can be seen as the Fox´s bellyand face, is divided into two areas: sleeping, and above, meditation.

The Silent Cabins




Bee Breeders - Competition



Quitepoetically, the sleeping area is to be understood as an embrace of the animal´score, where one can find a conceptual primal form of warmth. The above floor(the Fox´s mind) is where one is to enter the meditating experience. Theplatform allows for both lotus and resting meditation positions with a directview into the sky above.

TheseVulpine pods/cabins can be scattered over the whole area and along with thesurrounding nature ensure an atmosphere of reverence, calmness and protection.

Itsmateriality consists only of local wood and glass, with some minor ironelements. And an addiction of bioluminescent paint for lettering and theillumination of the ears.

Picture Credits: Christian Schreinert, PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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