nautimo Swimming Pool

The contract, which was put out to tender by the Wilhelmshaven public utility company, consisted in the design and realisation of a contemporary, functional and economical leisure pool. In this project, the design idea was to combine the various functions and areas of the pool optically and logistically while still retaining the possibility of separate use. The main access is from the existing parking lot via a specific route in the outdoor area to the centrally located foyer. Here the visitor can already visually immerse himself in the world of adventure water through a generous glass front. Connected to the foyer as the central link and distributor are the various clearly structured areas of use such as changing rooms for the swimming pool and sauna, physiotherapy and public catering.

nautimo Sports and Leisure Pool


Friedenstrasse, Wilhelmshaven / Germany


SWW Stadtwerke Wilhelmshaven


10.000 m²



The perforated façade facing the development area conceals intimate uses such as changing rooms, shower/sanitary areas and treatment rooms, allowing only the desired and specific views.  From the wide halls of the swimming, adventure and sauna area, on the other hand, large, floor-to-ceiling window fronts open up to the south and west with soft shapes and vivid colours, allowing a view of the gardens. The swimming pool area comprises several functions. The total water area of approx. 1,000 m² is distributed over a spacious indoor area with various pools and attractions such as a water slide. The respective uses stand out from each other through different geometric shapes ranging from clear lines to organic forms.

Type of building: Swimming pool for sports and leisure, diving pool with 3m diving platform Children's pool, tube slide, outdoor pool, sauna world and physio area

Picture Credits: Foto-Design Klaus Schreiber, Wilhelmshaven / Iwersen Architekten GmbH, Wilhelmshaven / PSP Architekten Ingenieure, Hamburg

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