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STILL is a global manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.

In the period from 1995 to 2008 PSP supervised the construction of new production halls for the manufacturing, a logistics centre and a gatekeeper's lodge as well as various extensions and conversions.

The factory premises are located in the Hamburg-Billbrook industrial area.

The new service centre was built at the busy corner of Wöhlerstraße / Berzeliusstraße. As part of the company CI, an advertising tower was erected directly at the corner. A steel construction displays forklift trucks on several levels. The corrugated metal façade behind it forms a calm background and takes up the company logo.

STILL Production Halls and Logistics Centre


Berzeliusstrasse, Hamburg-Billbrook / Germany


STILL GmbH, Hamburg / Germany


1995 - 2008

New Buildings, Extensions and Conversions

The adjoining administration building is set off by a transparent façade field, behind which the functions of the warehouse technology become visible.

The aim was to upgrade a simple industrial building in such a way that it offers a globally operating forklift manufacturer an appropriate platform for presenting its products.


Picture Credits: Julian Schülke, PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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