Accommodation GAR

Compactly structured

The planning contract for this construction project was based on a VOF procedure in 2016.
Here, the task was to further process the floor plans and views developed by the state construction management in architectural terms.
The concept provides for two compact structures, the roof without protrusion reinforces this impression. In terms of colour and materiality, we take up what already exists on the base.
Through small interventions the building is divided into three layers. The ground floor is set apart from the upper floors by a decorative relief pattern.
The windows are optically enlarged by white flaps running around three sides and sloping reveals. The orientation of the flaps and reveals varies on the ground floor in relation to the upper floors, thus supporting the structure of the building.
Special areas are given a mullion and transom façade. These facade elements are bordered with vertical white bands as a variation of the white flaps. At the main entrance the canopy develops from this.

Picture Credits: PSP Architekten Ingenieure, Hamburg

Accommodation Building




Federal Republic of Germany


6.300 m²



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