Sports Hall

The sports hall is divided into the large hall structure and a two-storey functional wing with flat roofs. A gallery extends over the entire length of the functional tract and is open to the hall, where it is provided with a parapet as protection against falling. On the ground floor, the functional wing also contains changing rooms, sanitary facilities and equipment rooms, a fitness and technical room as well as the main access area, vestibule and corridor.

Sports Hall




Federal Republic of Germany


1.500 m² NGF



The sports hall itself is divided into two areas. The hall section of 44 m x 22 m can be divided by a dividing curtain into two exercise units (26 and 18 m x 22.00 m) and has a clear height of 7 m in the playing field area. The outer walls are given a clinker outer shell to match the surrounding buildings. The skylight strip running along the northern facade ensures optimum daylight illumination.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

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