Accommodation 1-4

The planning contract for this construction project resulted from a VOF procedure in 2010. The four identical accommodation buildings, two of which were completed in 2017, the other two to follow by 2020, each with 80 residential units, form the prelude to the central development axis of an expansion area on the Bundeswehr base. The building length of 70 m is broken by an offset in the middle of the building, emphasizing the central entrance. The resulting cantilever serves as a roof over the entrance area, and the uniformly arranged perforated windows of the accommodation rooms are optically combined to loosen up the strict facade appearance. Laminate panels connect two windows on each floor in an offset arrangement. This materiality is repeated in the entrance area and extends into the foyer. The adjoining rooms on the ground floor are lit via skylight strips, and the ventilation system in the centre of the building is clad in insulated profiled glass.

Picture Credits: PSP Architects Engineers, Hamburg

Accomodation Building




Federal Republic of Germany


3.300 m² BGF



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