Zleep Hotel

The Zleep Hotel is located 1 km north of Frankfurt Airport and southwest of the Kelsterbach S-Bahn station, centrally located at the junction of Staudenring / Fujiallee.
The 6-storey hotel building has 170 guest rooms and has been arranged in an L-shape along the former site boundary, thus opening up to the access road.
This was extended to the south so that the open parking area behind the hotel building can be accessed.
Neither part of the building has a basement, whereby the 2-storey parking lot is pushed into the existing site by approx. 1.50 m in a split-level manner.
The roof was designed as a greened flat roof, on top of which there is a technical centre which is set back from the façade.

Picture Credits: PSP Architekten Ingenieure, Hamburg

Zleep Hotel, Kelsterbach


Kelsterbach near Frankfurt / Germany


Deutsche Hospitality, Frankfurt / Germany


7.600 m²



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