Abidjan Elfenbeinküste

We created structurally 3 main programmatic zoneswhich will embody the several types of functions which we arrayed throughout the area.

We thought then convenient to bestow upon each of these areas a more or less specific programmatic family:

Zone 01 willbe the project´s gate and defines a business and art center, along with aluxurious tropical garden which descends into the water. Here we haveconcentrated high end functions such as a conference-museum, a casino hotel,office towers and a tropical open-air shopping area. This could be defined asthe projects hard nucleus.

Zone 02 willbe the project´s living nucleus with low rise apartment buildings, shops, mediaand coffee plazas and a long water promenade. From here also begins a lagoonbridge circuit which allows the user to experience the lagoon. This circuitculminates with a water restaurant which can be partially submerged. Also inthis zone we have designed a great area dedicated to open-air markets which mayhave a more relaxed use. For this we developed special bamboo modules.

Waterfront Abidjan "La Plage d´Émeraud"


Abidjan, Elfenbeinküste / West-Afrika








Zone 03 willbe an area reserved for private deluxe villas a marina and a Lagoon researchaqua center which will also function as marina support.

The project is nevertheless not radically severed into zones, it is continuously connected through a multitude of functions and pedestrian movements which allowfor the project to be understood as a whole. It incorporates a wide range ofoptions and architectural uses creating a very heterogeneous body mixingtogether both buildings and a several types of public spaces.

An important element which runs throughout the projectis the use of natural elements such as wide green areas, palm trees and busheswhich also function as connecting spaces. They also naturally provide an important amount of shade. Roofs may also incorporate green elements.

Another element which we created are the bamboo/woodcanopies which we also dispersed in several locations: the open-air shoppingarea, the open-air market and the contemplation garden near the marina. Thesecanopies will also ensure shaded areas which people may use quiteinterestingly.

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